June 9 King fishing

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June 9, 2012

Well if you were out on the Kenai today, you worked for your fish.
We didn’t see but two kings caught in the 9 hours we were out there.


I would guess that out of all the guys I seen out there today,
someone had to been dialed in or lucky.
We got a big skunk for both Tyland and Damond.

The Kenai was a little muddy at 6 am and only got worse as the
day went along.

The halibut boats reported a great day with lots of 30 to 50 pounders, lots of action!For those looking to get in on a great meat trip we are starting
Monday overnight trips for 300 dollars, that’s two limits for one
Great price. 888-462-1521. Ask for fill the freezer special.





Looking forward to Tuesday. Layton

Alaska Fishing and Lodging


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June 8, King fishing

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June 8, 2012

If you were out there today, it was prime fishing weather;
over cast but warm, no wind, just a great day to see the
Kenai River guides taking 120 soldiers out for a morning of kings!

We heard there were about 10 kings caught by the soldiers.
We had our own group out today and it was being in the right place at the right time. In the spider wire boat, we got lucky and landed a nice hen on the first pass.

Didn’t see a lot of nets up so we felt thankful to get another
chance around 10 am to have another fish on, but couldn’t keep this one on.

On tough days like this you just have to be thankful we’re fishing and it’s also a great time to run new colors and tune a few plugs.

Water dirtied up a little from yesterday. Hope it stays nice out for

Good luck all tomorrow. Layton

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June 7, King fishing

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June 7, 2012
You can tell its summer time here in camp, we’ve had hits and misses, but every dog has its day. So far all of  the fish caught this week were with the help of hog nose and fat fish plugs.


Talon Air limited out two days in a row on the west side for sockeye salmon. Only seen one bear on the flight over.

Our halibut guys got some nice 30 and 40lb slabbers to make for a nice box of white meat to take home.





Here are a couple happy fisherman that took there limits of kings off the Kenai with McClures Guide Servive

                                                               McClures Guide Service
Tomorrows another day , Layton
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June 6, King Fishing

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June 6, 2012

The Plug that caught the hooligan!Today on the Kenai was a lot slower then yesterday, the Spider Wire boat lost a nice fish the first pass of the morning. The only fish that stayed on the hook today was two hooligan.

Todays Tides

High tide 5:59 23.2 Low tide 1:32 -5.5

Water temperature. 46 degrees

Water clarity. Still has a little rock slim, but each day it seems to be getting more clear. Still seeing a small amount on our fat fish. ( small plugs )

Good luck tomorrow everyone, Layton

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June 5, King Fishing.

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S3 Big ol' Kingsorry it has taken so long to get our 2012 Kenai river fishing reports going, old man winter put us behind and we started this year on the Kenai on May the 8th. Water temperatures were from 39 degrees to 41 degrees. We seen fish each Day rolling, but no takers for a couple days until water temperatures hit 43. So far we have only had one slot fish 49″. Most days up till today were slow; a fish here and there.

Water clarity :  Allot of rock moss.

Today, June 5th, we had 2 boats working.
Damond in the Healing waters boat had 4 guest and had 4 fish on and landed 2 kings up to 45″.
Tylands in the Spider Wire boat had 3 guest and had 4 fish on and took A limit of 3 kings 1 40″ buck and 2 42″ hens.

WATER CLARITY :  Moss is only effecting the plugs under 4″ — way better then last week.

So far that we know of there has been around 9 kings in the 46 to 55″ slot that has been Released with a 50 being the largest that we have heard of. If you have any info that you think will help our fellow fisherman have better days.

See you on the river.

Alaska Fishing and Lodging

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June 1 Kenai River King Salmon Fishing Report

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Kenai River King Fishing

Fishing for early run King salmon on the Kenai has been hit and miss but with June rolling in we expect this to change pretty soon. Reports for saltwater king fishing out of Deep Creek show the fish are definitely on their way to the river.

We’ve been hooking up pretty consistently and have boated some really nice fish over the last couple of days. This pretty much falls in line with previous years fishing the early run Kings on the Kenai River; we are looking for a surge in number over the next few days.

Water levels are rising but that too was expected. At this point the water is cleaning up from the mosses that were in the river earlier making for some very fishable conditions right now. Baring any hard rains in the upper watershed, fishing in early June is expected to be very good.

Salt Kings in Cook Inlet

The early-run king salmon headed for the Kenai and Kasilof are being caught along the shores of Anchor Point, Whiskey Gulch and Deep Creek. In a few days, these fish will also be entering the rivers and the lucky anglers on the river at that time will be rewarded with some fantastically fun days of fishing.

The weather on the Kenai is clear and sunny this morning so come on down and let’s go catch a King. Call us at 252-5464 and reserve your seat now.

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Daily Fishing Reports from the Kenai River!

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Emergency Orders and regulation reminders – April 20, 2012

• At this time, no emergency orders are in effect for this area.

• For those interested in personal use fishing for smelt (hooligan) along the shore of Cook Inlet or in the Kenai River, the regulations are located on pages 13 and 14 of the Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summary Booklet.

• This Northern Kenai Peninsula Areawide sport fishing report will be updated weekly and can also be heard by calling (90) 262-2737.

• The Lower Skilak Lake Boat launch operated by the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge will be closed for repairs from May 29 through June 6. For more information contact 262-7021.

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